About Us (240Hubs)

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240 Hubs is a hub that has been created to pass information to people across the globe, entertainment, celebrities, gossips and lot more.

240Hubs started on blogspot as a normal website for news,But later the moved to wordpress, as it shows our serious and interested in giving news to the world.

So 240hubs began to use it’s medium to serve the whole globe latest news based on different category.

When Did 240Hubs Started ?

Are you wondering that when did 240 hubs started ?, 240 hubs has been in existence during the last corona virus outbreak that made it one of the blogs that found way to the top during a huge pandemic.

240Hubs started on the 9th Of August 2020 by a few team but they took the blog less serious and they had to leave the site for only the author.

Vision And Mission Of 240Hubs

A site without a vision is totally unorganized,so here are the vision and mission of our business blog:-

  • To give people reliable news from powerful sources
  • To help propagate love to everyone around the world
  • Latest Videos will be included so as to make people who always doubt believe real news
  • To create a world where everyone knows about every news in each category

Who Owns 240Hubs?

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240Hubs was launched and organized by an author Jayrehme Young while he was 17 years of age, Just to help the world clear some query climbing the net these days.

Jayrehme Young was also the writer of Buzznaija in 2018 while he was perhaps 15years old, and he has also built websites even starting from sites on WordPress,Blogger even he built a website on wapkiz.

I am writing this about us (240hubs) to give you an insight so that when you find a news tip off here, you won’t be shocked as we give the people all types of news that could help build a better world.