Having A Daughter Has Made Me Vulnerable – Simi

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Having A Daughter Has Made Me Vulnerable – Simi

So, suprising as Simi revealed how she has been always alert when she gave birth to a female child.

Recalling, that Nigerian multi talented songwriter and singer has finally shared her own opinion that “having a daughter has made me vulnerable“.

Simi got married to AG, which was later seen in their video together, “Promise“.

In what way, you might probably want to ask, Simi as a mother is fully thinking of her daughter future and how she wants her to be the best among peers.

She furtherly continued, that she knew fully well that she is not in charge of her daughter’s happiness, neither can she control her daughter getting hurt, sad, insecure, afraid or probably confused.

“Having a daughter has made me endangered or probably vulnerable, I would never ever want to see her hurt, cry, in pain or confused“.

603342a9c888f2 - Having A Daughter Has Made Me Vulnerable - Simi

Not being in this position to control this feelings of her daughter, this made her feel so vulnerable.

Anyways, she concluded that all she has to do is to be the best example a daughter will ever expect from her mother.

Simi should be commended, because i find her amazing, putting her daughter future first before anything in her life.

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