Judge Pardons Condemned Rapist In Ekiti

pexels photo 5668473 - Judge Pardons Condemned Rapist In Ekiti

Judge Pardons Condemned Rapist In Ekiti

Judge pardons condemned rapist in ekiti, The rapist who was identified as Dennis Kiyede was pardon on Wednesday of February by the judge in charge of this case.

Dennis was known to be arrested for rape, which took place between him and his 16 year old cousin, This incident took place about two years ago on the 14th of February 2019. He was later found guilty of this offence and locked behind bars.

pexels photo 5668473 - Judge Pardons Condemned Rapist In Ekiti

The judge gave reasons for his release, who took note of the prosecution later pardons him because of his ill health as recorded by the judge.

Mr Adeyeye spoke in the court:-

Dennis Kiyede was find guilty of his act, as charged , but he was convicted immediately he was declared guilty.

The accused was no longer strong as he find it really hard to stand on his feet, since he was held behind bars, he must have learnt a very terrible lesson.

And seeing him passing through some very critical health issues, the accused victim is hereby pardoned and free to go home.

Dennis Kiyede was allowed to go back home to his family after being put behind bars for good two years, Judge pardons accused rapist in ekiti.

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